Drawing & Painting Courses

Online & Offline Classes for Kids on Drawing & Painting

Drawing & pencil Shading Course

Drawing & pencil Shading Classes for Beginners, In this course, students will learn the basics of drawing, Shape theory, the beauty of light and shadow and different types of shading techniques,
Topics covered-Still life drawing, Drawing different types of leaves, fruits, and vegetables with shading.

Environment Drawing Course

Environment Drawing Classes, In this course, students will learn to draw natural landscapes like mountains, forests, cliffs, trees, rivers, valleys, coastline, and other scenic areas.
Topics covered- Different types of shading techniques, How to draw trees and textures, Composition, Perspective

Cartoon Drawing Course

Cartoon Drawing Classes, In this course we will start with basic shape theory, cartoon anatomy, drawing different types of cartoons, action poses, and composition
Topics covered-Basic shape theory, cartoon anatomy, Action lines, hand study, expressions, Action poses.

Perspective Drawing Course

Perspective Drawing Classes gives a three-dimensional feeling to a flat image most of the time it’s used in animation layouts designs and backgrounds. In this course, we will start with eye level and 3 different perspective drawing techniques. Topics covered-Eye level, 1 point perspective, 2 point perspective, 3 point perspective. combining different perspectives.

Art of Colour pencils

Colouring with Pencils Online Classes, This course is mainly for people who love colours and want to explore the world of colours. we will teach techniques to use colour pencils, shading, mixing colours and composition

Topics: Understanding the  colours and colour wheel, Shading techniques, Mixing colours, Colouring from nature like flowers, fruits and vegetables, Colouring simple birds and animals, Mixing colours, Composition

Art of Painting

Watercolour Painting Classes, In this Water colouring Course, you will learn to paint still life, landscape, animals, birds and portraits.

Topics: How to use brushes, Water wash techniques, Colour wheel and mixing colours, Painting still life, Painting landscapes

Skills Covered

1. Beginner Level: Foundation of Drawing & Shading, Art of coloring, Art of cartooning
2. Intermediate Level: Decorative Art, Art of Painting, Stylized Art
3. Advance Level: Realism Art, Creative Art, Comic Book Art drawing,
Character Design, Comic drawing, Caricature, Story Board, Technical Drawing, Art of Coloring & Painting, Decorative Art, Creative Art, Craft, Sculpting…


Eligibility: Kids Age 5 & Above


Is prior Drawing knowledge is needed to take up these course

No prior drawing knowledge is not needed to take up these course.

Any Digital software's are required to learn these course

No digital software’s are not needed to learn these course.

What all materials we should always keep ready with us before taking these course.

For Drawing Classes, essential requirements are drawing sheets (Xerox white sheet) Drawing and color pencils…
4B, 6B, and 8B pencils, Exam pad, and rest will be discussed in the classroom.

What about the duration of the course?

We conduct hobby classes for kids so as to improve their creative thinking. For instance, Kids learn drawing & painting to improve their artistic skills in the same way we offer other courses to improve their skills & master their creative thinking to be professionally ready. Hence, durations can not be fixed as such for kids. Duration is fixed only for college students and others who are planning to get into the job.

What is the timings, for weekdays and weekend classes?
We have flexible time and day slots for Kids, they can select either, weekly one day or two days, or three or four or five, or weekends on Saturday and Sunday.
When and how can we join the classes?

For Please chat with us we will create a batch slot according to the student’s convenient timings and we are going to create a WhatsApp group, for online classes our faculty will share the Google meet link.

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