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Develop & Boost Your Creative Thinking Skills From Industry Experts | Courses for Kids

Home for Artists offers Online Courses for Kids with a mission to take creative learning beyond boundaries by involving the students in a learner’s friendly art development. Our Hobby classes for kids clearly focuses on the success of students by engaging them in learning Traditional and Digital methods. The extracurricular courses for kids are carved in such a way so as to help children become artists right from childhood in building their careers.


Online Classes for Children

Arts Film Academy is a place where your kids will be engaged with the best multimedia content cinema, animation, CG, coding and more. Our Online Courses for Kids are designed to develop cognitive skills and creativity. Our hobby classes on weekends and weekdays will help you learn how to draw/design arts/animation/and code with professional trainers.

learn to draw, design arts, animation, and coding, you can choose classes between Drawing Painting Digital Art & Animation Courses for Kids, and hobby classes for kids on weekends and weekdays enroll now!


Hobby Courses for Kids

Hobby Classes for Kids

"Group Classes"
Weekdays and weekends

Drawing classes for kids
Animation Classes for kids

We Develop Skills From Hobby To Professional Career | Courses for kids

Our team explores the new dimensions in the upcoming field of animation, by using the resources in the most optimum and efficient way to train the students and make them a resourceful part of the industry. We offer a wide range of Hobby Classes on Drawing, Animation, Coding Classes for Kids & Skill Development Career Courses, Corporate Training, showreel Development & Specialization Courses, and much more. These online courses for kids prepare children for a well-paying, creative professional career in near future.


Drawing to Animation Courses for Kids

Creative activities help children become more focused, observant, and attentive. Along with this they also improve self-esteem, develop presentation skills and boost overall confidence.

The skills students acquire (Drawing, Digital Art, Animation, and coding classes for kids) throughout the course are transferable to a range of creative subjects, including Art, Design, and Architecture. Moreover, it provides technical training that opens doors for careers in software development such as gaming, web design, and developing applications on mobile phones.

The Art of Creative Thinking Courses trains CGI artists from childhood, preparing them to become job-ready professionals.

We Develop & Boost Creative Thinking Skills From Hobby To Professional Careers

Traditional Art | Drawing Painting Craft Classes for Kids:

Digital Art to Animation Classes for Kids:

Coding Classes for Kids:

Group Classes: Coding Classes for Kids 
One-on-One Classes:
Coding Courses for Kids

Awarded Best Online Drawing and Painting Courses for Kids

Awarded Best Online Drawing and Painting Courses for Kids


Awarded Best Online Training Institute for Digital Art

Awarded Best Online Training Institute for Digital Art


Awarded Top Best Online Animation Courses for Kids

Awarded Top Best Online Animation Courses for Kids

by PGI

Arts film academy Drawing to animation courses for all ages

What is the Arts Film Academy?

Arts Film Academy is recognized as one of the best institutes for the Multimedia Animation Filmmaking Education and Training Institute, offering industry-relevant programs. Our "Art of Creative Thinking" courses are curated by industry experts to help students develop and enhance their creative thinking skills, shaping their creative careers. Since 2015, we have been offering corporate training, guest/visiting faculty services, and production services in the fields of animation, graphics, web, and VFX industries.

Animation Degree
At what age can individuals enroll in Arts Film Academy?
  • Degree after 10+2
  • Diploma after 10th
  • PG after Degree
  • Advanced after Diploma or Degree
  • Specialization after Diploma or Degree or Short-term
  • Courses for Kids aged 7+
Is this an Online or Offline Course

We conduct Global online courses. we also offer Offline Classes only in the selected areas according to our affiliated institutes.

Courses Timings?

We have flexible time and day slots, students can either select weekdays or weekends. (weekly one day or two days, or three or five, or weekends on Saturday and Sunday.)


Certifications help students qualify for certain careers in the private sector (job assistance is provided), promotion opportunities, and additional upskilling. They are applicable to companies that accept certification programs.
The certification program also helps individuals start their own businesses (support is provided by our organization)
Additionally, students pursuing the training program can apply for recommended distance/online university degree programs or any additional government-recognized or approved exams by paying extra fees. This may assist them in applying for government jobs.

Certification Awards are also given to working professionals who possess the skills but lack certification. Candidates with experience in the relevant field can apply for a direct exam to take up the challenge (both theory and practical components).

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Achievement, depending on their selected subject.

Drawing | Painting | Digital Art | Animation | Creative Courses for Kids

We Develop & Boost Kids Creativity Skills From Hobby To Professional Careers

In addition to the above we Teach Graphic Design, Image & Video Editing, VFX Filmmaking, Coding on Web and Game Design.

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