FAQ Course, Eligibility and Certification:

Diploma Courses:

Diploma in Applied Skills
The diploma focuses on specific skills designed for industrial technical training. We offer one-year and two-year diploma programs designed for job-oriented courses.

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Advanced Diploma:

Advanced Diploma in Applied Skills

An Advanced Diploma is awarded after completing Diploma Courses. A regular diploma program requires one/two years of study, while an advanced diploma program adds an extra year. Advanced diplomas provide students with focused learning in their chosen specialization.

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Applied PG Courses:

Applied PG Skills Programme | Diploma Certification
Applied PG Skills Programme | Advanced Diploma Certification

The Applied PG Skills Program is typically undertaken after the successful completion of an undergraduate degree at a college or university. It serves as an equivalent, non-conventional, certification in applied skills. This program was designed to accommodate individuals who have already obtained their bachelor's degrees in relevant fields to get Advanced Diploma certification. Those holding degrees in unrelated subjects can choose to enroll in Diploma certification instead. Upon successful program completion, participants are awarded a certification known as either the "Applied PG Skills Programme, Diploma Certification" or the "Applied PG Skills Programme, Advanced Diploma Certification"
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Specialization Courses:

Specialization in Applied Skills
Specialization Courses are designed to provide industry-relevant experience and help professionals/students build their show-reel in selected programs. Those who have completed short-term courses or diplomas, as well as those with work experience, can take up these courses to upgrade their skills. These courses last for 6 months and focus on a particular skill subject.

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Short-Term Courses:

Certification of completion
Short-term courses are designed to provide skills and knowledge in a particular subject or field. These courses also help participants upgrade their skills.

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Hobby Classes:

Certification of completion
Arts Film Academy offers a range of courses designed to foster the success of students through immersive learning experiences in both traditional and digital art and design methods. Our programs are carefully crafted to nurture young talents from childhood, molding them into artists and empowering them to excel in their creative endeavors.

Hobby Classes help individuals stay updated with the latest technology and tools, develop artistic skills, and upgrade to newer versions.

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Certification of completion
Certifications help students qualify for certain careers in the private sector (job assistance is provided), promotion opportunities, and additional upskilling. They are applicable to companies that accept certification programs.
The certification program also helps individuals starting their own businesses (support is provided by our organization)
Additionally, students pursuing the training program can apply for recommended distance/online university degree programs or any additional government-recognized or approved exams by paying extra fees. This may assist them in applying for government jobs.

Certification Awards are also given to working professionals who possess the skills but lack certification. Candidates with experience in the relevant field can apply for a direct exam to take up the challenge (both theory and practical components).

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Achievement, depending on their selected subject.

FAQ General

What is the Arts Film Academy?

Arts Film Academy is recognized as one of the best institutes for the Multimedia Animation Filmmaking Education and Training Institute, offering industry-relevant programs. Our “Art of Creative Thinking” courses are curated by industry experts to help students develop and enhance their creative thinking skills, shaping their creative careers. Since 2015, we have been offering corporate training, guest/visiting faculty services, and production services in the fields of animation, graphics, web, and VFX industries.

How about Arts Film Academy Courses?

Our course offerings cater to a diverse audience, spanning from children to adults, and encompass a variety of educational levels, including degree programs, diploma courses, Advanced diplomas, Specialization, short-term, workshops, and filmmaking courses.

Additionally, we provide skill development programs as a finishing school initiative. These programs equip students with industry-relevant skills that are oriented toward employment, helping them build impressive portfolios with the aid of cutting-edge tools and technologies, all under the guidance of industry experts.

What all the courses do the Arts Film Academy offer?
Degree, Diploma / PG, Advanced Specialization, and Short-term Courses:
Drawing Classes,
Painting Classes,
Digital Art Classes,
Coding Classes,
Graphic Design Classes,
Web Design Design Classes,
UI UX Design Classes,
Digital Marketing Classes,
2D Animation Classes,
3D Animation Classes,

Motion Graphics Classes,
Game Art and design Classes,
Video Editing Classes,
Filmmaking Classes

Which is the best course to start?

Feel free to engage in a complimentary counseling session with us. We aim to comprehensively understand your needs, whether they pertain to pursuing a hobby, seeking career-oriented training, or enhancing your business development skills. Based on your preferences and objectives, we will recommend the most suitable courses.

Our courses are categorized into Traditional and Digital methods, allowing you to choose the platform that aligns with your interests. Our experienced faculty will closely monitor your progress and provide personalized recommendations accordingly.


Is Animation course only related to cartooning?

No, It’s more than that, Students will understand the physics of the movement, they will improve observation skills, creative skills. They will also use animation in presentation, explanatory video creation, in some animation they may also learn acting skills and come out of stage fear and mix their live action video with animation and make some VFX filmmaking animation

Is Drawing require for Animation?

Indeed, honing observation skills through drawing is a valuable foundation for enhancing one’s grasp of pose creation in animation. Animation extends beyond the act of animating; it encompasses the creation of characters, environments, products, assets, and props, and even finds applications in diverse fields such as Engineering and Medical.

At our academy, students have the flexibility to embark on their educational journey either through Traditional Drawing or Digital Drawing, recognizing that both paths contribute to a well-rounded understanding of the creative process in animation and related fields.

What about the duration of the course?

The course duration is determined by the specific course you select. For more detailed information on course durations, please chat with us. We are here to provide you with all the necessary details.

What all the subjects or software are included in the course?

In our animation classes, students are exposed to a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide array of software applications. This includes instruction in digital art, 2D and 3D animation, image and video editing, VFX filmmaking, coding, web design, and game art. We primarily utilize open-source software, but we also offer recommendations for additional tools based on the needs of each class session.

Our courses prioritize the development of artistic skills, observational abilities, presentation techniques, the creation of explanatory videos, participation in special events, and even integration of K-12 educational subjects into our instructional model.

What are the timings, for weekdays and weekend classes?

We have flexible time and day slots, students can either select weekdays or weekends. (weekly one day or two days, or three or five, or weekends on Saturday and Sunday.)

At what age can individuals enroll in Arts Film Academy?
  • Degree after 10+2
  • Diploma after 10th
  • PG after Degree
  • Advanced after Diploma or Degree
  • Specialization after Diploma or Degree or Short-term
  • Courses for Kids aged 7+
Is this an Online or Offline Course?

We conduct Global online courses. we also offer Offline Classes only in the selected areas according to our affiliated institutes.

Where is your Offline Branches?
Our primary headquarters is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. We maintain a dedicated in-house faculty as well as collaborate with industry experts who serve as visiting faculty members. These industry experts come from various locations and bring with them a wealth of experience, often teaching in renowned institutes and colleges.
When and how can we join the classes?
  1. First, select the course you would like to join.
  2. Second, chat with our team to finalize the batch slot.
  3. Third, make the payment.

After payment, we will create a WhatsApp group, and our faculty will share the Google Meet link.

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