What is the Arts Film Academy?

Arts Film Academy is one of the Best Institute of Multimedia Education for Kids, we offer Training on the industry-relevant program. The Art of Creative Thinking Courses helps Kids to Develop & Boost their Creative Thinking Skills From Industry Experts and to shape their creative careers.

How about Arts Film Academy Courses?

Arts Film Academy courses are Foundation For Art Design Creative Technology, focus on the success of students by engaging them in learning Traditional and Digital methods. Courses are carved to Make them an Artist right from childhood by building their career, Thus helping them to become Masters of creative thinking.

We also have courses on Skill Development it is like a finishing school, Industry relevant employment-oriented skills to develop Student’s Showreel for their Portfolio through the most advanced tools and technologies with the help of Industry Experts.

What all the courses do the Arts Film Academy offer?
Stop Motion
Digital Art
2D Animation
3D Animation
Motion Graphics
Video Editing & Compositing
VFX Filmmaking
Web Design
Which is the best course to start?

Courses are mainly categorized as Traditional and Digital methods, you can select any platform and our faculty will see the student’s progress and accordingly they add other subjects.

Is Animation course only related to cartooning?

No, It’s more than that, Students will understand the physics of the movement, they will improve observation skills, creative skills. They will also use animation in presentation, explanatory video creation, in some animation they may also learn acting skills and come out of stage fear and mix their live action video with animation and make some VFX filmmaking animation

Is Drawing require for Animation?

Yes because the observation skills which they learn from the drawing will develop their level of understanding of the pose creation in animation and animation is not only animating but also involves creating a character, environment, products, assets, props, and other fields like Engineering, Medical… Students can startup our course either from Traditional Drawing or from Digital Drawing. 

What about the course Module, duration, timings, and days?

We have flexible time and day slots for Kids, they can select either, one day a week or two days a week or alternative days or weekends, Time slots are planned according to the requirements, about the duration depends on the students understanding, we focus on improving artistic skill than completion of the course.

From What Age Group Students can join?

Age Group we prefer above 4

Is this an Online or Offline Course?

We offer both Online and Offline Classes you can select according to your convenience.

Where is your Offline Branches?
Our Main Head Office is at Bengaluru INIIA, but our Faculty is from different location who teach in reputed institutes and colleges, some of our faculty are from Industry so you can start up the classes according to your nearby location or from online.

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