Traditional ART

Drawing & pencil Shading Course

Level 1

Drawing & pencil Shading Classes for Beginners, In this course, students will learn the basics of drawing, Shape theory, the beauty of light and shadow and different types of shading techniques,
Topics covered-Still life drawing, Drawing different types of leaves, fruits, and vegetables with shading.

Online / Offline Class Portal & Webinar
Regular / Weekend Classes

Environment Drawing Course

Level 2

Environment Drawing Classes, In this course, students will learn to draw natural landscapes like mountains, forests, cliffs, trees, rivers, valleys, coastline, and other scenic areas.
Topics covered- Different types of shading techniques, How to draw trees and textures, Composition, Perspective

Online / Offline Class Portal & Webinar
Regular / Weekend Classes

Cartoon Drawing Course

Level 3

Cartoon Drawing Classes, In this course we will start with basic shape theory, cartoon anatomy, drawing different types of cartoons, action poses, and composition
Topics covered-Basic shape theory, cartoon anatomy, Action lines, hand study, expressions, Action poses.

Online / Offline Class Portal & Webinar
Regular / Weekend Classes

Perspective Drawing Course

Level 4

Perspective Drawing Classes gives a three-dimensional feeling to a flat image most of the time it’s used in animation layouts designs and backgrounds. In this course, we will start with eye level and 3 different perspective drawing techniques. Topics covered-Eye level, 1 point perspective, 2 point perspective, 3 point perspective. combining different perspectives.

Online / Offline Class Portal & Webinar
Regular / Weekend Classes

Eligibility: Kids Age 6 & Above


Is prior Drawing knowledge is needed to take up these courses

No prior drawing knowledge is not needed to take up these courses.

Any Digital software's are required to learn these courses

No digital software’s are not needed to learn these courses.

What all materials we should always keep ready with us before taking these courses.

Drawing Pencils, Eraser, Sharpner, and sketchbook/drawing book. 

How the online classes will be conducted.

By Webinar, Community Portal access, & Course Module,

Do we have homework, assignment, and test?

YES after each class we will be giving assignments, and students have to submit it on time. we will discuss that assignment and we continue with the next class.

How to clear any doubt if we get in the process.

By Disscussion Portal, through Text, image Video and Webinar.

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